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Never forget!! The Kobe Quake

Kobe University NEWS NET Committee
A special edition for the Great Hanshin Earthquake

Photo We had the Great Hanshin Earthquake(the Earthquake in Southern District of Hyogo Prefecture) in 1995. We, Kobe University NEWS NET Committee, continue to send information about the movement of Kobe University students, teaching staffs, and alumni relevant with the earthquake as the news media institution in Kobe.
This page reproduced the special edition on the earthquake which was published on our monthly paper on Jan. 17, 1996.
We also pick up news related to the earthquake from all the daily news and put them together as "The document of Kobe University : x years from the Quake". The staff will go on with covering and editing all the little news about the earthquake, saying to ourselves "We never forget the Great Hanshin Earthquake."
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

photo : Quarter to 4 hours later from the great earthquake. Hanshin Expressway fell down on 9:30 a.m. Jan.17,1995 at Fukae, Higashi-nada Ward, Kobe. Kobe University NEWS NET

Stories related to the earthquake

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