Kobe University Aikido Club
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General schedule

You can read our training schedule from the following table:

Tue 17:00 to 19:00 normal practice
Thu 17:40 to 19:00 normal practice
Fri 16:00 to 18:00 self-practice practice
Sat 14:00 to 16:00 practice with sensei

Please come to the Dojo at least 30 minutes before practice. You need to be dressed already 30 minutes before. On Thursday, please gather in front of the Dojo dressed with your dogi.

If this schedule is impossible for you or you are late, please notify a senpai (e.g. the captain) as soon as you know about it.

Current schedule

通常練normal practice
岩本さん練practice with Iwamoto-Sensei
山田さん練practice with Yamada-Sensei
師範練practice with Kimura-Shihan
昇級練practice for promotion examination
強練practice for training camp
昇級審査promotion examination
養心館使用可self-practice with 3rd-year-students on request
養心館使用不可dojo is unavailable
1~4Qテストオフbreaktime before examination
前期・後期最終練final practice after 2 quarters

Annual events

AprFreshmen introduction新歓
MayFreshmen training camp新歓合宿
JulSecond year student's enbu presentation灘チャレンジ
AugSummer training camp
OctTraining with other university三商合練
NovRokkosai university festival六甲祭
DecCelebrating the end of the year忘年会
JanRetirement celebration of the fourth-year students追いコン
Bowling eventボウリング大会
FebTraining with ?saka university阪大合練
MarSpring training camp春合宿


The usual training location is the Kobe University Budojo Yoshinkan.

We start from the Faculty of International Studies. Please go towards the tennis court. Afterwards, you should see the ground (often American football / rubgy player can be seen there). Turn to the right and follow the way. On the left side there are multiple entrances to gymasiums. Continue to go and enter the building on the left, before you reach the end.

Front view of the Dojo
Front view of the Dojo. The entrance is on the left.
Genkan of the Dojo
The genkan area of the entrance. Please take your shoes off before entering this door.