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Aikid? is a martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba. Compared to other martial arts like Karate, Jud? or Kend?, it is a modern, dynamic martial arts known for its smooth movements.

In 1883, Morihei Ueshiba was born in Wakayama Prefecture. At a young age, he was introduced to Sum?, Kit?-ry? jujutsu, Tenjin Shiny?-ry? and Shinkage-ry?. He acquired those martial arts of various kinds embodying basic principles that can be found in Aikid? these days. In this sense, Aikid? is a mixtures of various J?jutsus taught in a traditional style in Japan. The addition of spirituality, comprehensiveness and personal experience by Morihei Ueshiba brought Aikid? into shape as we know it today. He himself described Aikid? as "a study of humans searching for a rational mind and body refinement" (loosely translated).

It is said that a true martial art is not a competition of strength, but guided by the person's desire for personal development and completion. The goal is to bring yourself in harmony with the universe. This is what the Ki (氣) in Aikid? (合気道) stands for.

Morihei Ueshiba's personal development can also be traced in the development of Aikid? from pre- to post-war periods. Aikid? was founded on those ancient J?jutsus, but was influenced by religious principles and elements of ancient Japanese books. It changed from a traditional battle method towards a softer and smoother style in the post-war period. Aikid? is a martial art famous for using the energy of the opponent to defend yourself.

Aikid? today is practiced all over the world, but Japan remains the heart of Aikid? as most of the internationally recognized D?j? are located in Japan.

But in the end, it is difficult to describe Aikid? in words. So please have a look at this video:


If you join our training, we will help you find your own personal path in Aikid?. For that, we teach you several techniques which can be applied in similar patterns for various attacks, you will receive. Morihei Ueshiba himself defined 5 basic techniques enumerated Ikky? up to Goky?; where ky? stands for "lesson" or "precept". But a lot of them have individual names, which are called by their Japanese name throughout the world.

In order to get to memorize the names, I created an Anki flashcard deck. It helps you to memorize the basic vocabulary. Practice it every day for a few minutes and you will soon remember the names.

The techniques can be watched online on video portals like Youtube, but be aware that nothing is as enlightening like experiencing the technique on your own under guidance of your senpai (先輩, senior).


For the first time, it suffices to show up with casual sports clothes like a jogging trouser and a T-shirt. On the tatami (mat), we don't wear any footwear. If you decide to join our club and stay for a decent time, we will buy you your own d?gi (道着). A d?gi allows you to be grabbed properly without your clothes being torn apart. Beginners (with Ky? grades) wear all white clothing whereas advanced practitioners (with Dan grades) wear black belts and a Hakama.

In terms of weapons, Aikid? is usually trained with a j? (short staff), bokken (sword) and tant? (short sword). Don't worry. We provide these weapons to all our students.


Martial arts? Isn't that dangerous? Can't you hurt yourself easily?
You might imagine martial arts as dangerous, but Aikid? can really suit you. Aikid? is not about punching and kicking. We use the opponent's energy to make him stop his attack. This is why the risk of injury in Aikid? is low. Be aware, that Aikid? is recommended for people of all ages and males as well as females. Don't worry, we will guide you.
This sounds easy. But if I join the club, I will be very busy, right?

We are training 3 times per week and additionally, we offer one self-practice. On Thursday, we practice with Ken (sword) or Jo (short staff):

Tue 17:00 to 19:00 normal practice
Thu 17:40 to 19:00 normal practice
Fri 16:00 to 18:00 self-practice practice
Sat 14:00 to 16:00 practice with sensei

Still, your studies come first and you can take a break, if you have individual duties. Also feel free to join other clubs or circles. Of course, you can also work part-time.

Are Aikid? beginners welcome?

Yes! Actually, 80% of our members are beginners, when they join the club. Therefore your first contact with Aikid? will be easy, because you will always find other beginners in the same situation like you in the club.

But I have no sports experience!

This is no problem. Physical strength is not required, because you will exploit the opponent's power. In fact, we have many members which did not attend sports clubs before. So independent of your experience, you can enjoy the time in our club.

Freshmen event schedule

First year students event schedule


Did you get interested? Then please contact us under the following email addresses:

Captain, Sota Oguma

Manager, Hiroki Sagawa

(Or just show up on one of our practices, but we prefer to know in advance)